Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 116: Nearly there!

What went well? 

  1. Got another subject out of the way!! Handed in my sociology of education final. So, only one more paper and one more final to go.
  2. Got through two lectures revising for my sociology of mental illness final.
  3. Wanted to recognise how lovely my GA for our section is!! She keeps putting out study snacks for us and even baked us brownies. I was so impressed by her niceness!
  4. Saw this on Facebook and it cracked me up. So. True.

What did I learn? 

  • I'm constantly surprised by how lenient the systems for handing in assignments here are compared to at Melbourne. So I went to hand in my exam at my professor's office at 5pm, and all I had to do was slide it under the door (he wasn't even there, he was in his other office). No time stamp, no Turnitin for any assignments. So weird. Also, my professor for another subject just told us, "For those of you who really cannot turn your paper in on Thursday, you may put a copy of your paper in my mailbox by 5PM on Friday May 9th". I can't handle these constant extensions and vague deadlines!!!!  Definitely going to get it in on Thursday so I can study for my other final that's on Friday morning and be done with exams!!! I don't want to extend my exam period!!
  • Woah, so I thought today was productive, but apparently yesterday was pretty much my most productive day ever:
  • More evidence that doing fun things during the day helps you get stuff done.

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