Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 120: The (Official) End

Wow that went fast. I will write a more reflective post later.

What went well? 

  1. Had my last exam today, and it went really well!
  2. Had a really productive lab meeting.
  3. Checked out the BioPond!!! Finally!!!!! I can't believe it took me this long to go - it's only 5 minutes from where I live. And it was so peaceful and recuperative.

  4. Turtles!!!

  5. Skyped my parents :)
  6. Had a wonderful, wonderful and profound conversation with a friend. So excited to continue to keep in touch and hopefully collaborate in the future!!

What did I learn? 

  • I've realised that I have recently developed a serious sugar addiction. And that I need to break it now.
  • The end of exams is more anticlimactic than OMG FREEDOM WOO! It was more of an "Oh, that's it."

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