Monday, 6 January 2014

Cheaper Textbooks

I was having a look at some of the required textbooks for my courses, and looked them up on the Penn Book Center website, then on Amazon.

BookPenn Book CenterAmazon
An Introduction to Buddhism: Teachings, History and Practices$32.99$22.98 + $3.99 shipping
An Introduction to Buddhist Ethics: Foundations, Values and Issues$33.99$19.98 + $3.99 shipping
Wherever You Go, There You Are$15.99$14.39 (free shipping)
Child's Mind: Mindfulness Practices to Help Our Children Be More Focused, Calm, and Relaxed $16.95$11.84 (free shipping)
The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate$15.00$12.16 (free shipping)
Total:$114.92$89.33 (savings: $25.59)

I think there's a pretty clear winner here!

I only had to pay for shipping for the first two books because the cheapest option was by a non-Amazon retailer selling through Amazon. The rest of the books, sold directly through Amazon, came with free shipping because all students are entitled to join Amazon Student (for free - but make sure you cancel before the end of your free trial if you don't want to continue and pay!) and get the free two-day shipping benefits of Amazon Prime. Also if you refer friends to Amazon Student, you get $10 credited to your account for each friend who joins. I would be very grateful if you decide to join through my referral link! :)

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