Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 12: Snow Day!!

First snow storm. Class got cancelled! So what did I do instead? Facebooked, blogged, and played in the snow, obviously :P. Also booked a tickets to see two operas - Rusalka & La Sonnambula - at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in February & March.

What went well? 
  1. Had a lovely conversation over lunch with a new friend.
  2. My kettle arrived from Amazon (I am actually loving Amazon so much) so I am now drinking my first cup of tea in nearly two weeks!
  3. It was actually pretty exhilarating being out in the snow. The air was so fresh and everything was so pretty.
  4. Played Cards Against Humanity with some Australian exchange students. It was hilarious, I laughed so much. Highly recommended (as long as you can handle that kind of humour, lol)!

View from the library, 9.45am - 12pm

A couple of pictures of the 6th floor of the Van Pelt Library:

Possibly my new favourite study spot. 

What did I learn? 
  • Snow day is a BIG DEAL over here. Classes cancelled, the University's "suspended normal operations" from 2pm, lots of ambulances and sirens around, traffic moving at a snail's pace...
  • I get REALLY REALLY excited about snow!!
  • Opera star Renee Fleming is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl this year!!!! She'll be the first opera singer ever to do so. Really exciting. I'm actually going to watch it.
  • From The Loss of Sadness: With the DSM-III (1980), depression, for the first time in history, became defined by a list of symptoms with no consideration of context (apart from a brief bereavement exclusion). Greater reliability may have come at the cost of validity (i.e. everyone getting it wrong together).


  1. Snow, how exciting! Sounds like you are getting the real American experience :)

  2. It was very exciting!! I was running around being really hyper and getting strange looks :P Saw your post on UniMelb Adventures on moving out of home btw, really enjoyed it! :)