Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Day 13: Snow Day!! (again...)

So classes were cancelled again today due to the "inclement weather conditions". Boo! Again, snow is a BIG DEAL over here. Anyway, it was way too cold to venture outside for long today (it was between -16°C & -10°C), so I mainly stayed inside. Did a lot of reading because I am paranoid about the impending avalanche of work (this must be the calm before the storm!). Also went to the Biomedical Library, where I saw this:

Too cute.
I'd planned to do a grocery run, but it was literally so cold that I could feel my face freezing and was feeling like I was getting brain freeze just spending five minutes outside, so I decided not to make the 15 minute trek to the bank (to get cash out - card hasn't arrived yet) and then 10 minutes to the grocery store then 10 minutes back. So I did some singing practice instead.

This evening, I went to Fellows Night, where one of the College House Fellows hosted Prof. Cam Grey, an Associate Professor of Classical Studies, over an informal dinner & conversation. It was definitely the highlight of my day, just soaking up the passion for academia. I think my favourite quote was: "I think the worst day of my job would still be better than the best day at any other job."

Got back, and did some more research for that Buddhism x Mindfulness paper:

I think I might have enough sources now... ;)
Looking forward to resuming class tomorrow (finally)!

What went well? 
  1. Seeing the snowman. Also, appreciating the beauty of snow sparkling in the air as it gets blown around by the wind.
  2. Great conversation and enjoyed just hanging out at Fellows Night.
  3. I'm well on track with the huge research paper already (due in 12 weeks). Found a lot of really useful sources and am ready to start reading (aka skimming to see what to actually read) tomorrow.
What did I learn? 

  • Probably don't text when in freezing weather. My fingers went numb when I took the tips of my glove off to just write one text!
  • Education has always taken different forms and served different functions depending on the society and context. Durkheim argued that the role of education was to develop the characteristics in the child that would be required to function effectively in their social milieu.
  • Cats are evil when pretending to "play". Don't trust them!

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