Thursday, 30 January 2014

Day 21: Best conversation ever

What went well?

  1. Found out some details of what I'll be helping with for positive psychology research. One project is to do with coding qualitative data from Malaysian participants as to what happiness/wellbeing means to them, to see how valid the PERMA measure is across cultures (i.e. building from the ground up rather than just imposing a theory onto a culture), and the other is to help actually design the methodology for testing a new positive psychology intervention! And there'll be more as the semester comes along.
  2. Had the best conversation ever this semester at the Philomathean Society event this evening with just a few people. Topics included:
    • US politics...& drones
    • Human rights
    • Language & thought (psychology)
    • Values in education
    • Just omg. These people are so deep and thoughtful...
  3. Found the multi-purpose room at the gym. I had been wondering where the medicine balls and normal straight pull-up bars were. FYI, 2nd floor, past the basketball court. There's also a couple of punching bags behind this picture.
  4. Made a healthy dinner.
  5. Broccoli-spinach-chickpea-sweet-potato power bowl, inspired by Thrive.

What did I learn?

  • Issues in the US are more serious than I imagined (e.g. drones, poverty, healthcare)
  • There exists something called the "Rainbow Family" which is basically a hippy organisation that I probably resonate with quite a bit :P
  • Bilingual children get a lot of cognitive advantages, including self-regulation. To be cited...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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