Monday, 6 January 2014

Immunisation & Health Requirements

Ok, so I'm a perfectly healthy person, but have had to visit my family doctor four times in the past five weeks. This is because I've been scrambling to fulfil Penn's immunisation requirements for students living on campus. This includes vaccinations for Hepatitis B, MMR, T-Dap, Meningococcal (A, C, Y & W-135), and chickenpox. 

Seriously! I'm going to the US, not sub-saharan Africa or India!

Anyway, I've had to get three shots - two for chickenpox and one for meningococcal. No biggie, except it is definitely a cost to take into consideration in your budget - the chickenpox ones were $78NZD a pop and the meningococcal one was $62NZD. I'm sure they would be more expensive to get over in the US though! Well, at least I am now officially immune to most bad things!

[Edit 08/01/14: It turns out that my immunity had expired for T-Dap, so I got another shot today. Yay, 4 shots in 5 weeks.]


  1. Do people think you're taking drugs because you're getting so many needle marks from so many immunisations in such a short period of time?