Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day 23: Cards Against Humanity with International Students

What went well? 

  1. Made more progress than expected with coding some more qualitative data, this time about what people think gives their life meaning. Again, it was really interesting and uplifting to read. I'd love to hear in the comments about what you think makes life meaningful to you!
  2. Had a cute Skype session with mum (and Wedgie):
  3. So much nawwww.
  4. Went to the free Stouffer yoga session and it was awesome. The instructor was really good, there were only 6 people, and it was really challenging. Stouffer definitely puts their funds to good use!
  5. Hung out with some Aussies & Hong Kong students who decided they wanted to eat hot pot, so they bought a bunch of stuff from Chinatown and cooked it on the stove here.

What did I learn?
  • You need to have a certain level of Western cultural context and, well, a dirty mind to be able to play Cards Against Humanity. For those who haven't played it, it's basically the most un-PC game in the world that involves a lot of dark and usually sexual humour, making fun at things that shouldn't be made fun of. It is hilarious. In a bad way. We ended up explaining practically every single card to some very innocent Hong Kong girls. It was an educational experience for all.

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