Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Day 40: Taco Tuesday

What went well? 

  1. The Stouffer GAs organised a taco night. I was really impressed by the effort they put into preparing the food.
  2. Saw my Contemplative Sciences professor about ideas for my paper. I had in mind the topic of what role mindfulness should play in a positive education curriculum. And I am now more confused and less certain of where I'm going now, but it is a good thing because it means that my ideas have been radically challenged and that I am learning. In that way, it was actually really helpful, and I will let these ideas percolate.
  3. This email from my Intro Buddhism professor made me smile. I was amused.
    • "I trust you are well and enjoying the slightly warmer weather. I saw a worm today. I hadn't seen one in a long time. The worm, in my opinion, seemed to be enjoying her/himself. So that was good. But there is no good. That is an illusion. But I think the worm was really there. Did my mind create the worm and the very concept of good? Is weather a concept or a phenomenon? Well, maybe, hum?..."

What did I learn? 

  • Libet conducted some studies where it was experimentally demonstrated that there were unconscious electrical processes in the brain that preceded conscious decisions to perform volitional, spontaneous acts. Disturbing implications for free will - are spontaneous acts the product of free will or subconsciously predetermined by electrical impulses in our brain? Are our conscious "decisions" merely post hoc rationalisations of the inevitable?
  • The term "positive education" doesn't seem to be that popular in the US. My professor had never heard of it. Also, from our discussion, it seems like PosEd is perhaps not a new approach but just another term for social-emotional learning, which has been around for awhile. Hmmmmmmmm....what's in a name?
  • This is happening on Sunday!! I'm definitely interested in learning more!

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