Sunday, 23 February 2014

Day 45: Awesome + ermahgahhd

What went well? 

  1. Had the best day ever today hanging out with a friend. We bought rush tickets to see Porgy & Bess, and had great conversations over Starbucks, lunch & walking back to campus. Also, singing Glee on the way back. So awesome :) And the weather was great!!!!! 12 degrees feels WARM.

  2. Part of the "Gayborhood". This is actually a thing!
    An organ in Macy's department store. A super cool building.
  3. Went to the Opera Scenes information session. It looks like a great opportunity, and I'm really excited for it. Basically, they're trying to put together a show comprised of a series of short scenes from operas. And it'll only be about an hour a week. Casting call is next week.

What did I learn? 
  • The importance of practice for any skills. I've offered to help out the founder of the Calm Clarity project with any research-related skills, which has now turned into the need for me to actually remember and use the statistical skills I learned in Research Methods for Human Inquiry last year, which are somewhat rusty now. It's a great opportunity to practice, actually. Also, it feels really cool to be able to say, yeah I can actually do that! And be able to actually apply the skills I learned. And I'm learning a lot - for example, I think we might need to use a mixed-design ANOVA, which I currently don't know how to do, so this is an opportunity to figure that out. This is definitely a stretch task for me though, hence the ermahgahhd - but this must be an example of deliberate practice in psychology! Good.
  • To look up the plot of shows before seeing them. I was sooo confused while watching Porgy and Bess because the text wasn't always clear, so didn't follow the plot that well. It was still good though!

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