Thursday, 20 February 2014

Day 42: Calm Clarity

What went well?

  1. Due Quach, a social entrepreneur with an incredible life story, came to talk to our Contemplative Sciences class about her Calm Clarity Project, which is a transformative self-mastery/self-efficacy skills program based on a fusion of different contemplative traditions, positive psychology, and management and leadership. She hopes to use it to combat the disadvantages of underprivileged students. It was really interesting and inspirational to learn about her approach and mission.
  2. Practiced the loving-kindness meditation, which is an incredibly healing practice. 
  3. So nearly 2 months after writing about wanting to cultivate more kindness, I finally got around to making a spreadsheet to track my progress on cultivating character strengths. Will actually fill this out every night and see if it works. Hey, it could be a potential positive psychology intervention!

What did I learn? 

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