Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 88: The Notebook Method is amazing!

What went well? 

  1. Am feeling more confident about my mindfulness/Buddhism research paper now. Used the Notebook Method to clarify some ideas, then talked to my professor about it, and that was super helpful. Then, wrote my introduction and started the etymology secton - about 600 words. So, it's going! I have officially put pen to paper (keyboard to pixels??)!
  2. My Sociology of Education class was cancelled today as the professor was at a big education conference, so I was able to audit today's positive psychology lecture on positive cultural influences. It was really interesting!
  3. Intro Buddhism lecture was engaging as always. This was really funny - the professor expressed some sadness that we're nearly done with the course, and a student commented, "I sense some attachment there!" Everyone cracked up laughing. It was funnier than it sounds - Buddhism in-joke?

What did I learn? 

  • Finnish people have a concept of "sisu" that they see as integral and unique to their national identity. Sisu isn't easily translated, but it has to do with grit, determination, guts, indomitable will, stamina, stubbornness, and determination.
  • Sabbagh et al. (2006) found that pre-schoolers in China had a 6-month developmental advantage on executive functions (measured by 8 tests) compared to US pre-schoolers. The role of cultural expectations for self-control.

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