Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 67: Back to business

What went well? 

  1. It was a pleasure to get back into Intro Buddhism lectures! Also, got my mid-term back and it was the highest mark I've ever gotten for anything in my life, so that was pretty cool. Guess the 30 or so hours of preparation paid off. Yup, I'm actually putting an insane amount of effort into this subject, but I am also ridiculously motivated. It's amazing how much of an impact an awesome professor can have.
  2. Handed in my sociology of education mid-term. Good to get 50% of the course out of the way.
  3. Got a reply from the professor I met at the MiEN conference, who sent me his presentation slides & other resources, which was helpful.

What did I learn?

  • This week, the largest conference in the world on Asian Studies will be in Philadelphia, with over 4000 visitors.
  • I need to start writing soon!! According to my intro Buddhism professor. I'm still stuck in the data collection phase with over 600 data points/references so far on the use of the word "mindfulness". But yes, this week I'll really be buckling down on both research papers.
  • And stuff on the relationship between age and mental illness, different types of Buddhist meditation, and the neo-traditional perspective on education. Sorry for the non-descriptiveness of this, this is one of those short + sweet posting days since I've been awake & going since 7.20am and it's now 12.20am! One interesting thing I will mention is that one perspective on education is that schools have gradually come to take over more of the roles traditionally performed by family - schooling itself, as well as things like sex ed, driver education, authority figures.

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