Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 80: Obsessed

What went well? 

  1. Had lunch with a friend, and had a good conversation about singing, Penn culture (hypothesis: students are frazzled because they are so motivated and ambitious) and new trends in accommodation...e.g. micro-apartments...
  2. Put together my comparison table for my mindfulness in education paper, comparing two mindfulness curriculums and a positive psychology curriculum. The next step is to get a clearer sense of how they can work together.
  3. My reflection got posted on the UniMelb psychology website. I also really enjoyed reading all the other prizewinner's reflections. It's so interesting to read about how everyone got into psychology and to read about how passionate they all are.
  4. I think just listening to Diana Damrau sing yesterday and watching La Sonnambula has helped me improve my practice with Ah! non credea a lot. I feel like I'm really starting to "get" the piece and the nuances in it, and I've only really just started working on it (literally one lesson so far!!). A lot can be accomplished when you're really obsessed with a piece (it is well and truly in my head all the time and I just want to sing it a lot)...and inspired.

What did I learn? 

  • It's not so straightforward to try and put together a model of how mindfulness and positive psychology work together in education. They support each other and common goals in many ways, so there are many many connections on messy pages of notebook at the moment. More notebook method required.
  • It's kinda hard picking up where I left off with a major research project. It's only been two days since I last did any work for my Buddhism paper, but it took awhile to figure out where to go with it tonight, and what to read. To overcome this issue in future, it's important to write an action step for the next session whenever I end a current session working on it. So, I have an action step telling me what to read next, which will be helpful. It cuts a lot of meandering and fluffing about and being paralysed by it.

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