Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 75: Resourcefulness

What went well? 

  1. After being unable to get hold of a certain professor to get access to some implementation manuals for positive psychology classroom curriculums for my other research paper, I reached out to my mentor in Melbourne, another head of positive education at a school, and the post-doc I'm research assisting here, and got helpful replies from all three of them. They weren't able to get me access to the manuals, but at least provided really helpful resources/outlines that actually gave me all the information I was looking for. So, I'm ready to get going on that research paper (finally).
  2. Got invited to write a reflection on my experience studying psychology at UniMelb for the newsletter.
  3. Got through three more articles for my Buddhism research.

What did I learn? 

  • People are really helpful, you just need to ask the right ones, and be open-minded about what outcomes you're looking for.
  • I think studying is a homeostatic process. I have my sociology of mental illness test tomorrow, but just could not study any more for it this evening. Not because I'm like 100% ready or have memorised everything or prepared as much as I can - but because I guess something within me says, that's enough, for my goals & purposes. Instead, I spent the extra 2-3 hours on my Buddhism research, and I'll do last-minute test prep tomorrow morning.

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